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La tactique gagnante pour votre patrimoine

Our   FFErS

The winning game-plan for your patrimony

A Stage Marathon

For each stage on your road, Trivela has a personalized offer adapted to your needs and supports you through every step of your effort

Doing that, your patrimony is built with coherencepragmatism and without any risk-taking.

Just like in a relay race, when your sports incomes start going on a descending slope, your Trivela revenues take over.



Ensuring you always have a back up and locking in for the win can be an effective tactics. Real estate investments adapted to your ambitions and projects, mean a limited risk and a steady flow of rent.

2 types of products to fortify your defense : 

Playing safe and limiting the risks


Real Estate  like a monopoly boardgame

life Insurance

life Insurance because life can be rough


Sometimes, to be rewarded, you have to be patient : put the ball on the ground, analyse, meticulously build your play.

Let's build together, step by step, the best strategy for your investments : shares in the stock market, bonds, insurance, funds...

3 types of products for an elegant and perfectly designed style of play :



Minimizing the risks, maximizing your profits

Equity Savings Plan and turnkey tactics

Bonds, James Bonds

Stock Market like all the Wall Street ballers



Kick and Rush

A long cross-pitch pass can also end up into the top corner

When a team mate makes the right move, you know a simple pass can make all the difference.

If creating and financing a buddy's fresh new project, startup or SME, is your thing then we'll make sure you've got all the cards in your hand so your simple pass becomes an amazing assist.

2 types of opportunities to invest in the promising gems out there : 


Startups, From Innovation to Cash

Trivela Deals, Exclusive & quick-wins

Joga Bonito

Joga Bonito


Variable risk, but guaranteed pleasure

You only leave once, no harm in taking the time to enjoy too if you've got your back covered.

And since investing doesn't necessarily rimes with Wall Street, let's look for opportunities that get you going (vintage or sport cars, race horses, collection watches, jewelry, wine, arts…).

2 types of opportunities to have a little fun with something else than a football :

One-Shot Investments to Show off with your friends

Investment Funds to combine business with pleasure

The Academy

The academy

Transitioning to your new career


Keeping your patrimony safe also means thinking about what will happen after your playing days are over.


At Trivela, we anticipate and prepare today your professional transition to find the right path out of the pitch when the time comes. If you're more of the bookworm type or if you feel the urge of starting your own business, if you're a Chiellini or more of a Flamini, we'll be by your side all the way.

A personalized coaching broken down into 2 versions according to your ambitions :

Chiellini, and going back to class

Flamini,  and the flame of entrepreneurship

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