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A solid defensive block to guard your patrimony

Ismail Mouline


Head of Finance

After a striking entrance in the audit scene at Ernst & Young, Ismail joined IVO Capital Partners, a renowned wealth management fund specialized in tax exemption mechanisms. 

Today, Ismail got closer to the pitch and high-level sports : he works at a world-class firm in the sports media and TV rights market and his agent licence issued by the French Football Federation (FFF) allows him to advise our clients in line with the highest standards of professional football today.


Masters in Finance & Sports Business (Dauphine/ESSEC)

Wealth Management

Real Estate

Tax Law

French, English,

Spanish, Arabic (basic)



« All the efforts that are put in to perfect a skill are useless if  others can't benefit from that skill on the pitch. »


« Lewis Carroll once said : 'In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.' Ambition is a distinctive feature of an athlete, that also has to be true regarding his patrimony. »

Paul Divet


Head of Operations

During his young years in clubs, Paul outlived all kinds of injuries that made him realize, very early, the hazards that came with high-level sports.

Today, he specialized in corporate accountability, bank risks and market finance. Passionate about the startup universe, he'll be your personal coach to discover French Tech gems. 

Paul is equipped with a complete set of skills to be on all fronts and to have your back on all circumstances.


« Passion rimes with action. At Trivela, we believe it is our incondional love for sports that drives us to run the extra mile for our clients. »



« History remembers a lot of great players but only a fistful really become Legends. They are those who show, on and off the pitch, ethical and moral values  that match their talent. »

French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish (basic)

Holding Midfielder

Masters in Finance & Corporate Strategy (Sciences Po)


Bank Risk Management



After obtaining his Masters in Business and Management, Alexandre shined, for two years in the marketing teams of a big deodorant brand for men.

Today, the Jefecito reinvented himself as a manager in the luxury hospitality sector. He knows the rigor and the demands of offering a top-notch service. Alexandre works hard to come up with the tactics that will best fit your needs.

Alexandre Divet


Head of Client Relationship


Masters in Management (ESSEC)

Investment Management

Business Administration

Hospitality Industry

French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish (basic)

Center Back


« Je veux créer une relation durable avec les clients, qu’ils sentent qu’ils peuvent compter sur nous pour gagner leurs duels. »

Le Sens du Service

« Il n'y a pas, selon moi, de service d'excellence sans une part de sacrifice, de goût pour l'effort et de volonté constante de mouiller le maillot pour nos clients. »

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